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​2023 Dry Water Adventure 
Swim Classes are full along with the waiting list. 
Thank you to everyone for signing up your children with us this swim season.

Summer time brings lots of water opportunities for your children, yet drowning continues to be one of the leading causes of accidental death for children year after year. The best way to stay safe in, on, and around the water is to le​arn to swim! 
As a parent you can give your child a life long gift by providing them with swim lessons, positive experiences around water, and encouragement for them to practice their skills. 

There is no such thing as being able to "drown proof" your child. Even children that have had swim lessons and are strong swimmers need close supervision in and around water. As frightening as the risk of drowning is, it can usually be prevented.

​​​What are people saying about Dry Water Adventures: 

"We are so proud of our son using the skills he learned from Fish Camp
to save his friends life at a swim party. He was a hero and we are so
thankful he knew what to do in this situation."

"Fish Camp was wonderful as always! My kids look forward to it every summer. Thank you for your hard work." 

"My child needed extra attention and got it, thank you!" 

"Our family will put into practice the safety skills our kids were taught at Fish Camp when we head to the Frio River this weekend. Thank you for the emphasis on safety." 

"I was very pleased with Mrs. Dry's professionalism and knowledge. I appreciated her interaction with my children. I was very pleased and look forward to next year."

"All the instructors and assistants worked great with those students who were reluctant or afraid. My husband and I thank you for your patience with our son." 

"Your staff has such beautiful smiles and I can tell that they truly love the kids. My daughter looked forward to coming to lessons every day." 

"I appreciate the control there was of the class with such kindness." 

"My son is swimming the length of the pool and diving now, what a difference!"

Dry Water Adventures