Class goals:
1. Get comfortable in the water.

2. Learn some foundations of swimming and become aware of safety issues.

3. Have fun and bond with your child.

In the Parent & Child class the parent is in the water & responsible for holding/maintaining the child while the instructor teaches the parent safety skills, proper holds, and appropriate swim techniques for the child's age. Please know that most children do not put together a swim stroke before the age of four. A child with a foundation in swim lessons is usually able to swim underwater by age six with stroke progression coming soon after. In the Parent & Child classes we will be learning the "pieces" of swim strokes with the goal that they will put it together when developmentally ready.

The Parent & Child class is designed to be a fun and bonding experience with your child. They should learn to associate the water with positive memories.

A few things to keep in mind once we start lessons...
1. ALL children 3 and under must have a swim diaper on even if they are completely potty trained, that is the rule at our pools. Bring an extra one just in case. 

2. Apply sunscreen 20-30 minutes before getting in the water. This will protect them better as it has time to soak in. It will also help you hold them when they are not so slippery. 

3. With the Parent & Child class, all of our instruction is IN the water and so our class can be affected by the weather. If we need to cancel a class due to weather, it will be posted on the Facebook page and a text through the Remind101 app will be sent as soon as possible.

4. Parent & Child classes are offered for multiple weeks, so the best way to make up a day missed is to attend a day in our next week of classes. Please make sure to get with Cherylnn on attending a make up day.

Age 6 month to 3 years and Special Needs 
This is a four day class.
Cost: $30

Dry Water Adventures

* Please note: at 3 years of age your child can still be in the Parent & Child class or have traditional swim lessons. It is up to the parent to make the decision based on when they turned 3, the child's independence, and comfort level in the water. We are flexible about changing classes based on your child's needs. *

Evening Week 1: May 11 - 14            5:30pm - 6:00pm   FULL
Evening Week 2: May 18 - 21           5:30pm - 6:00pm   
Evening Week 3: May 27 - 29           5:30pm - 6:00pm   
​Evening Week 4: June 2,3,9,& 10      5:30pm - 6:00pm   

Morning Week 1: June 1 - 4         10:30am - 11:00am   FULL
Morning Week 2: June 8 - 11        10:30am - 11:00am 
Morning Week 3: June 15 - 18       10:30am - 11:00am