Dry Water Adventures

Please read the following Parent Information before sending in the Registration Form as you will need to acknowledge this information.

Come to classes RAIN OR SHINE, unless it is too dangerous to get to the pool.  We have had many great classes in the pouring rain, only thunder and lightning keep us out of water.  There are covered areas and we have many things to learn out of the water as well.  The weather can clear up quickly, so always come prepared to swim.  We will schedule make up classes if we have to spend too much time out of the water.  If the need arises to cancel classes, we will notify you as soon as possible.

* Please get to the pool in plenty of time to have your child ready to get in the water when their class begins.

* Please have long hair and/or bangs that cover the eyes pulled back.  This allows them to see and breathe better.

* Apply sunscreen on your child before you come to class (or 20-30 minutes prior to getting in the water).  This protects them from the sun as it allows the sunscreen time to soak in and keeps them from being so slippery.

* For Fish Camp and the Sink or Swim classes, please have your child bring their own water and arrive with sunscreen applied.

* During all classes, the main pool and baby pool is only to be used by those in the current lesson being held. Please do not allow your children to enter any pool before your instructor calls for them. Parents are responsible for their own child’s supervision until class time starts. 

* During Fish Camp,  we will be using all of the sitting areas for 6 stations around the pool.  Please drop off and pick up at the pool entrance. 

* Remember to care for your child’s ears.  Rubbing alcohol or Swim Ear drops put in each ear after swimming will dry them out.  If you have never used these in your child’s ears, contact your pediatrician.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT bring your child to classes if they are sick or you think they are getting sick.  This is imperative as we have lots of face-to-face contact with kids and their spit.  Give me a call afterwards and we can arrange make up opportunities and/or refunds if you would like.  I will be extremely workable in arranging make up sessions that fit your schedule in return for my health and the health of my assistants, but you must call me to inquire.

*Parents may stay or go.  Do what you think is in the best interest of your child.  Most of the time, they do better without a parent around.  Please keep your cell phone handy if leaving in case of emergency.

If you do leave, please return ON TIME to pick up your child as another lesson will be immediately starting.

Here is the pdf format if you would like to download and print to read: Parent Information